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french dominated Paris


a X elledenbsp; S ad e

In this dance where I invite you to enter, a sensual, intimate and alchemical dance, I will take possession of your body and your mind and will submit you completely to my rituals and spells.

With me and through me, you will happily abandon your fireworks clothes, these social rubbish, so that your skin is bare, that your body offers itself without restraint, gives itself completely. your body will only ask to open up a little more to what will penetrate it, to what can lead it to where it has no idea, by revealing to it deeply buried and still unfulfilled desires ...
In an exorcism, a total exploration, where this body will be called to offer itself, to enjoy this offering, to cry out, to enter pain
and pleasure, under my expert hands, to open up in all its orifices, in oblivion of any usual social convention.

Let yourself be guided, become the slave of my wills and desires, to discover yours, those of which you do not even have an idea yet, offer me completely this body of which you sometimes dream of giving up control and when I give it to you will give back, you will only want to let me have control again.

All-powerful magician, radiant with sensuality and authority, creator of the unexpected, explorer of infinite possibilities,
I will be your guide to lead you through these troubled spaces, submit you to my rituals and spells during an initiatory journey, an incredible and sensual symphony, made of scents, sounds, textures, foods and words, a set that will upset all your usual landmarks.

It's a bewitching trance, an intimate dance leading to the "sub-space", this moment of letting go where nothing matters any more, where abandonment is total. I will not stop working your body until the release of all its fluids or the statement
of the "safe word. "

For the magic to work, it takes two. To do this, I invite you to fill out a confession beforehand with care and detail, these will be the ingredients of our meetings.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

My name is aXelle, little a, big X, that's how I write myself.

I live in a nice, large apartment that I occasionally turn into a dungeon when my toy box opens and the candles are lit.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Chameleon in my thirties, I am sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, long or short hair, dressed in latex or fur, leather, zentai, kimono, tutu on pointe ... But I will not reveal to you here the full extent of my wardrobe.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Political artist, I am known in other spheres under other names, under other days. I create or participate in events where creative sexualities are presented, taught, discussed ...

Activist of STRASS , the sex work union, I am fighting to be able to exercise my activity in better conditions for you as well as for me.

axelle de sade.jpeg

Clouds of possibilities

humiliation domination slapping spanking insults flogging masturbation anal    initiation   massage dilation fisting dildoing   Work breasts uro Trampling

whip bondage electricity   fetish candle exhibition dressage needle  

electricity   household edging forcible confinement  

sexclagism tortures sex nipples

Enema mummification travesty ballbusting   discipline pony play face sitting

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