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If we do not know each other , I invite you to send me an email containing the following information:

Briefly introduce yourself: Who are you? Have you ever had BDSM experiences? If so, with whom?

Your phantasmagoria: What are you looking for? What is your motivation in BDSM?

Your practices: What are they? Your desires and your limits?

You can also send me your list of possibilities accessible by clicking here.


My number is on the site, however, I answer neither anonymous calls, nor landlines, nor numbers that I do not know. Do not leave me a message on my answering machine: I NEVER listen to it, prefer e-mails.


You can make an appointment several days in advance, the day before, very rarely the same day. you need to be sure of your own schedule when contacting me for an appointment.


If we know each other , you can make an appointment by SMS or email.



Because submitting and educating involves exploration, I favor submissives that I meet at least 2 hours regularly.

My offering for 2H is 500th, 750th for 3H etc.

For new and newcomers, once we have agreed on an appointment date, I ask you to pay a deposit of 20% on my PayPal account or through the Lydia application 0641113858




Depending on your availability, I can receive you in two spaces:

  • My den, the Three-mast , one of the largest dungeons on the outskirts of Paris, a large bright space full of BDSM accessories and furniture

  • The blue room , located near the Gare de l'Est, a small, well-equipped dark dungeon. In this case, it is necessary to count an additional 50e per hour

A bathroom is at your disposal in each of them.


See you soon :-)

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