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french dominated Paris

The Candy Box

Jealously guarded in the heart of the Parisian labyrinth, I welcome you to the discretion of my little theater of cruelty, nicknamed, not without irony, "La Bonbonnière".
The sweetish flavors of sucrose obviously lacking in character, I propose more complex flavors.
This cabinet is equipped with the greatest care to explore my darkness.

This place is protean. I enjoy sculpting it according to my perversities in order to offer a journey, the one already traced before me by Guillaume, Pierre, George or the Marquis...
It's a thread as tenuous as Ariadne's that will lead you to the 18th arrondissement.
The rest is up to you...

La Bonbonnière lends itself to sessions of one to four hours maximum. 

No sequestration possible in this place

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