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The Burrow

I receive you in a 75m2 space dedicated only to adult games. Modular at will, the Terrier can be transformed to offer you different cozy atmospheres. Experience the reinterpreted world of David Lynch, Salon Kitty, from venus to fur . Question your senses on a Saint André cross, King René's chair or Gilles' bathtub ... I wouldn't want to tell you too much to keep the magic of the place .

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

I'll let Gabriel Lamentin tell you about it:

"As soon as the door is crossed, we begin the descent, by a very narrow spiral staircase, towards depths which refer to those so dear to the adventurers fascinated by the territories and the extraordinary experiences. Far from the conventions of the social and its laws . The bottom door opens and we enter the dungeon, not just any dungeon but indeed "the" dungeon in which any player would like to be able to establish their phantasmal home. At the top of large white walls, slanted glass windows. a subtle exterior light emanates, while interior lamps and candles create a dark appeal.

In this magical lair, this place devoted to fantasy, we find all kinds of objects that make you dream ... From the most classic, a Saint Andrew's Cross or a gynecological examination table, to the most astonishing, like a bathtub with wheels , ready for many uses. Without forgetting a prie-dieu which invites to formidable and delicious expiations of inexpiable sins. At sight, we discover well aligned on racks, swifts, whips, whips, various accessories, or enigmatic and tempting objects. And many others carefully stored in a safe which when opened turns out to conceal a thousand wonders ... "

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